Hello and welcome to IWTYSF! I’m Josh, a Salesforce Release Manager with a penchant for problem-solving.

My Salesforce Journey

I embarked on my Salesforce adventure nearly three years ago. However, I have been in software development and professional services for over a decade. What started as a one-time project has transformed into a passionate pursuit. Throughout my journey, I have been encouraged and mentored by many of Salesforce’s best and brightest. I want to pay it forward and share the lessons that I learned, especially around Salesforce’s CLI.

Why This Blog?

Working with Salesforce is a lot like boxing. About once a week something unexpected happens and it feels like getting punched. Throughout my Salesforce career, I’ve encountered challenges. Sometimes, they’ve kept me later than I care to admit. However, the joy of finding a solution made all those caffeine-filled nights worth it. This blog is my way of sharing those eureka moments with you. As a Salesforce Release Manager, I encounter a unique set of challenges related to deployments. Each article is born out of a real-world problem I faced and the solution I crafted. My aim? To make your Salesforce journey a tad bit smoother.

Beyond Salesforce

When I’m not building a change set, babysitting a validation, or reviewing metadata, I’m an avid hiker, a coffee enthusiast, and a die-hard fan of indie music. On weekends, you might find me exploring a new hiking trail or experimenting with a new coffee brewing method.

Let’s Connect!

Whether you’re a newbie just starting out with Salesforce or a seasoned professional looking for advanced CLI tips, I’d love to connect. Feel free to drop me a message, share your own experiences, or just say hi! Together, let’s make the Salesforce community even stronger.

Thank you for stopping by, and happy learning!